About Us

Red Dog Design is a graphic design studio based on the South Coast of NSW – “making things look good” for the last 20 years. Our clients have been wide & varied and we still create logos, brochures, signage, and business cards for a number of small & large companies.

Graphic designer and owner of Red Dog, Greg O’Connor, has worked in design for over 20 years  after studying at Deakin University. He has worked for small and large design companies such as Claydon Healey International and Billy Blue Creative in both London and Sydney and started his career at GBRMPA in Townsville. Just over 13 years ago Greg decided to expand his portfolio and unleash more of his artistic side by developing the ever popular bus scrolls into something more of his style.

Utilising different fonts, colour & spacing Greg created the DESTINATION CANVASSES with a unique distressed finish. And inspired by the old tram and train signs he developed the DESTINATION BLOCKS. The SUBURBAN SQUARES came next and are a blend of the destination canvas with maps, historic photos and well-known landmarks to capture the essence of a particular suburb. Each piece is handmade using adhesive, sandpaper distressing and varnish to give them that unique finish.

Our COASTERS were the latest addition to the range and feature destinations, iconic images, maps and other cool pics and sayings. They have been very popular!! We have also dabbled in cushion covers, vintage film reels and plaster moulds.

Our current range includes the ever popular coasters along with tea-towels, fridge magnets, socks, kids tees and car air freshners. Whilst we don't regularly produce the canvasses and blocks they can be ordered on request.

Aswell as our online store we sell our products via a number of retailers around Australia. We work with them to create a range that captures the destinations and images for their area.

We also attend a number of markets and festivals around Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne throughout the year. Like us on Facebook or follow our instagram to find out where we are each week.

Crazy, creative & slightly curious.