Motel Mexicola

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In my last blog I shared with you some of the photos we took on our recent holiday to Bali, featuring signage that had caught Greg’s eye. Some were one off signs he saw; others were part of a restaurants identity. One place in particular appealed to Greg on first sight. And that was Motel Mexicola – a recently opened uber cool Mexican restaurant come bar in Seminyak.

We stumbled upon this new addition to the ever-happening Bali restaurant scene by accident. On our way to a very rare “date lunch” we were zipping around on a motorbike reminicising about our time BK (before kids). We got lost trying to find another fabulous restaurant (Sardine) and headed towards a large hotel to get directions.

Next door we spotted Motel Mexicola and Greg declared that we had to come back and check it out pronto. Some of the outdoor signage & exterior walls below:


When we did return the Bintangs were icey cold, delicious cocktails were served in little red tumblers and the mini tacos were a combination of exotic flavours (think kingfish topped with pineapple chilli salsa). It’s a blend of 1960’s Acupulco retro with a decent serve of tequila.

And the cool signage that had caught Greg’s eye initially did not disappoint. He disappeared for about half an hour to take some snaps, where something very cool and different was around every corner. The eclectic mix of graphics, fonts and textures appealed to Greg’s quirky tastes.

Check out the cool website turn the sound up for Acapulco Tropical "Cangrejito Playero"- it will make you want to dance!

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