Bali Signage

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When Greg and I go on holiday our photos always fall into the following categories:

1.   Either of us in front of landmarks or the occasional double selfie with say Macchu Pichhu poking up behind

2.   Standard landscape shots

3.   Us at dinner with the amazing food we are eating, cocktails usually in hand

4.   Signage! (Before I met Greg my photos did not fall into this category) – these can be shop signage, logos on cars, restaurant walls, anything that takes Greg eye. Also what I think falls into this category is what Greg calls “crust” – he loves walls/signs with different textures

5.   And now we have kids….pics of them are of course abundant

Recently we had a family holiday in Bali, great food, cocktails, a couple of massages and a little bit of shopping. And having just downloaded our pics I thought I would share with you some of the signage photos that Greg captured so you could see what I mean.

Sign at very cool Motel Mexicola restaurant

And more from Motel Mexicola

Entrance sign at Potato Head

“Ladies” Toilet sign at Potato Head – Greg loved the retro font

Wall at Deus ex Machina

And finally the “crust”


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