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We are often asked for advice on where to hang or place our artwork. So I thought I would share some of the artwork we have at our home including our own Red Dog Design pieces to see how we balance it out. We have some empty space and ideas for custom designs but Greg has been too busy lately to do any artwork for us :)

One of our key pieces is an original bus scroll that we were fortunate enough to come across about 18months ago. It has a number of destinations that are close to us and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase it. It is a feature piece in our living area and is so long that it is currently doubled over until we decide what to do with it all. The latest idea is to make cushion covers out of the excess but I am not sure about cutting it……What do you think?

The designs that we currently do all stem from Greg launching Suburban Type back in late 2009. They are a series of typographic maps that capture the boundaries and the suburbs of an area. We still sell these designs that cover areas such as Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and Melbourne. So of course we have a framed Inner West A2 print (Suburban Milkshake colours) in our living area.

Having visited and loved New York a couple of years ago I knew we needed some art to reflect this fabulous city. In the theme of our Suburban Type prints I found this great typographical print of Manhattan. It is from Bold & Noble, a London based design studio and hangs in our study along with other prints and photos from our travels.

Some things we have picked up on our travels include this fluorescent pink Buddha statue from a gallery in Seminyak, Bali and the wooden “ampersand” from one of our fabulous retailers, Gecko in Townsville. We recently purchased a distressed look cupboard that sits behind our lounge and they complement each other perfectly!

We often get asked, “so what to you do with them?” in reference to our blocks. Well our Inner West set sits on TV stand and the Kids set sits on our son’s tallboy (with all blocks turned to a sleep related word!).

We have recently finished decorating our 4-year-old daughters bedroom. For her 2nd birthday Greg designed a canvas for her that listed out her favourite things and sayings at the time at. He used a kids style of font and colours and has since created custom canvasses for clients using the same palette. Since she has been born we have picked up a number of different letter “Z” from markets, retailers and gifts from family and have put these around her room with some bunting we picked up in Amsterdam.




Luckily I snaffled up some of our cushion cover designs before they sold out. All except one of my faves “NYC” which Greg sold before I could claim. We have mixed them with various other cushions of similar colours. We are just finalising a local printer and tailor so should have the cushion covers back for sale very soon!

We often change up our coasters depending on who we have visiting. At the moment we have the "Around the World" set on our dining table. We find they are a great talking point at dinner parties and we theme to where guests are from or where they have travelled. And they can take them home as little gifts too!

Finally a controversial piece of “art” that at the moment is relegated to outside. Greg discovered this large piece of plastic lettering at the back of a sign writer in downtown Marrickville a few years back. It used to sit in our apartment against a wall that at night created some great shadows and was always a dinner party talking piece. But it is quite heavy and has sharp edges, so now with 2 small kids it sits outside next to the barbeque…….

We would love to see where you have hung/placed your Red Dog Design artwork. Post a pic on our facebook page!





Motel Mexicola

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In my last blog I shared with you some of the photos we took on our recent holiday to Bali, featuring signage that had caught Greg’s eye. Some were one off signs he saw; others were part of a restaurants identity. One place in particular appealed to Greg on first sight. And that was Motel Mexicola – a recently opened uber cool Mexican restaurant come bar in Seminyak.

We stumbled upon this new addition to the ever-happening Bali restaurant scene by accident. On our way to a very rare “date lunch” we were zipping around on a motorbike reminicising about our time BK (before kids). We got lost trying to find another fabulous restaurant (Sardine) and headed towards a large hotel to get directions.

Next door we spotted Motel Mexicola and Greg declared that we had to come back and check it out pronto. Some of the outdoor signage & exterior walls below:


When we did return the Bintangs were icey cold, delicious cocktails were served in little red tumblers and the mini tacos were a combination of exotic flavours (think kingfish topped with pineapple chilli salsa). It’s a blend of 1960’s Acupulco retro with a decent serve of tequila.

And the cool signage that had caught Greg’s eye initially did not disappoint. He disappeared for about half an hour to take some snaps, where something very cool and different was around every corner. The eclectic mix of graphics, fonts and textures appealed to Greg’s quirky tastes.

Check out the cool website http://www.motelmexicolabali.com/And turn the sound up for Acapulco Tropical "Cangrejito Playero"- it will make you want to dance!

Bali Signage

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When Greg and I go on holiday our photos always fall into the following categories:

1.   Either of us in front of landmarks or the occasional double selfie with say Macchu Pichhu poking up behind

2.   Standard landscape shots

3.   Us at dinner with the amazing food we are eating, cocktails usually in hand

4.   Signage! (Before I met Greg my photos did not fall into this category) – these can be shop signage, logos on cars, restaurant walls, anything that takes Greg eye. Also what I think falls into this category is what Greg calls “crust” – he loves walls/signs with different textures

5.   And now we have kids….pics of them are of course abundant

Recently we had a family holiday in Bali, great food, cocktails, a couple of massages and a little bit of shopping. And having just downloaded our pics I thought I would share with you some of the signage photos that Greg captured so you could see what I mean.

Sign at very cool Motel Mexicola restaurant

And more from Motel Mexicola

Entrance sign at Potato Head http://www.ptthead.com/

“Ladies” Toilet sign at Potato Head – Greg loved the retro font

Wall at Deus ex Machina http://www.deuscafe.com.au/deus-bali

And finally the “crust”